About us

About Klark & Helmer

Klark & Helmer is a Brand that is specialized in sound and audio products. The idea of our company’s name is inspired by Robin Klark and Mark Helmer. The two were the first ones that to found Klark & Helmer . At first the Brand was a small boutique that provided products only to acquaintance of the two young engineers. Slowly, the demand to their speakers and microphones got bigger than the expect, afterwards the boutique turned into an international company that provides products in standards that no other company does.

Our Brand is a manufacturer of all the products we provide. Klark & Helmer has been in this huge market for many years now, we make sure to improve our old items’ specifications every short period. As well, we have in our factory a list of the finest engineers that make no doubt that the items we send you will be in the top items in the sound and audio market. In our factory and stores you can find a big amounts of varied items, such as: Wall Speakers, Ceiling Speakers, Active speakers, Microphones and Mixers.

Why Choose Us

Our first belief is to make sure our customers get items in the same level we would want to get, therefore, we never send out an item before it goes through severals check outs and tests. Unlike other companies, we understand one important issue; Customers do not want to spend much time trying to solve out how to activate and work with the item they bought.

Therefore, we have many items that are simple to start working with. Also, products like ceiling speakers or wall speakers need to be put in the wall, for this kind of items you will need to prepare yourself a hole in your wall or ceiling, once you get the right sizes, you will enjoy a special sound that our speakers make.

Mission Statement

In Klark & Helmer family you can find the best designers, our designers are full of passion to make change in your house, to have you looking amazed at the speakers’ design they have worked on. Klark & Helmer is the best combination between passionate designers and professional engineers, the both drive together the top products in the market.

To be parted from the other companies, we make sure our prices will be comfortable to all customers and not just the ones who can afford. From now on you know, designed and high standard of products don’t have to be expensive.

  • OEM Customer Service
  • Keep Customer First
  • We provide aesthetic devices
  • Products and devices in the Europe
  • Competitive prices and timely delivery
  • We serve the needs of our clients