The best wall speakers
made to hear the best audio
The best wall speakers
made to hear the best audio
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hear your music like never before

Listen as never before a fantastic experience that's better in way.
Feel your music all over again

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Klarl & Helmer

Klark Helmer is a giant in the “sound equipment industry”. Brand Based in Germany. manufacturing  with high standard quality control ,well known and distributed all around the world, we provide an excellent solution for all of your sound needs, our expertise is to help you achieve the best sound quality  possible in your home or your garden, all of our products are designed and manufactured at the highest standards, we put on our flag to ensure that you get both quality sound and durable  materials.

Klark&Helmer Art600 Loudspeaker

Stream the music enjoy the convenience of listening to what you want, however you want. Your music. You are in control.

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