Dynamic Microphone B8

Quality sound for any source
One of the most outstanding things about the Klark&Helmer B8 is that you can stick one in front of any kind of vocalist (and most instruments, for that matter) and get excellent results.
The secret to the Klark&Helmer B8 sound is its critically tuned frequency response, which cuts out low-end rumble and adds a noticeable rise in the upper-mid frequencies. This deliberate presence peak adds warmth and clarity to your vocals, but it also lets you get the most out of a wide range of sources, including guitar cabinets, brass, and many other instruments.

Consistent performance you can count on
Here’s something you probably didn’t know about the Klark&Helmer B8. These handheld microphones are built to very tight standards. What that means is that an B8 is going to sound like an B8, so you can mix and match and add more B8 to your collection, and you’re always going to get the sound you expect. What’s more, they all have the same focused cardioid polar pattern. That’s great onstage, where you have to worry about bleed from the mains causing feedback. It’s also a bonus in the studio, because it lets you get solid isolation between your vocals and instruments.





Microphone Type: Dynamic
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Frequency Response: 50Hz-15kHz
Max SPL: 94dB SPL
Output Impedance: 150 ohms
Sensitivity: -54.5 dBV / Pa (1.88 mV)
Color: Black
Connector: XLR